This is an “Agreement” between Werify (Info Science Labs Corporation) and you, the “User”. It gives a clear indication of our business relationship and how we will work together over the course of our association. This is supposed to aid the understanding of the nature and limitations of the services we provide. It also discusses the ways in which you are permitted to use and recreate those services. If you are using our API, this contract applies to you as the “Developer” and your website or application’s (referred to as “Developer App”) end users. You must agree to these terms to be able to use our services directly or to provide it as a part integrated in your own service. By using Werify’s website, API or collectively “Services”, you agree to be legally bound by our Terms and all the other terms of policies referenced here including our Privacy Policy and GDPR notice. If you refuse to accept any of our Terms then you virtually give up the right to consider yourself as a legal bound to us for using our service. Our services are only available to individuals who have completed the age of at least 16 years. By using our services, you confirm that you are at least 16 years of age. If you happen to be younger than 16 years, you shall leave this site and cease the further use of any of our services.

Your Werify Account

Once you create an account with us, you take complete responsibility for all the activities that occur under your account and all the actions that are taken. You are responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of your account. Werify will not be liable to any sort of damages incurred as a result of your mishandlings of your user account. By creating an account with us, you warrant that you are a human. Accounts registered by using automated methods as a decoy for real humans are not permitted. You are liable to provide your legitimate identity details to complete the signup process. You must not use your account for illegal and unwarranted purposes. While using our services, you must not violate any laws subjecting your account and activities to jurisdiction, in which case Werify will cooperate with the competent investigating authority.


The terms mentioned in this document are applicable to all categories of our users regardless of the users being free members or premium members of our service. All users must agree to our pricing terms which are maintained on our website. Users who have paid for access to our premium services should review and agree to the terms of our subscription agreement which would be mentioned at the time of the purchase.


If you are using our API to have an access to our services or are integrating our API with any kind of third-party interface, you are bound by the Terms of Use mentioned in this article along with the following specific terms:

1. You explicitly submit to comprehension of the fact that Werify shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages including monetary loss, goodwill or data. We will not be liable for such losses stemming from your use of the API directly or through the actions permitted by you through any third-party service.

2. We reserve to limit the rate at which you can send requests to our servers through our API for security purposes. Unwarranted abuse via the API may result in temporary or permanent suspension of your access to our API. We pledge to make a sincere attempt to warn you over email to bring notice of your actions to you, prior to any decision regarding the suspension of your account.

3. We strongly discourage you from using Werify services for any kind of illegal purpose. In no situation whatsoever, are you supposed to perform acts using our services which would render you subject to any regional or international jurisdiction.

4. Werify claims the right to modify your account or temporarily or permanently disable your account or your access to the API.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

This document or any articulate object or service on Werify’s website does not in any way transfer any of Werify’s intellectual property to you or any users associated with you through your access of our services. All the rights and interests of reproducing and using our intellectual property rest solely with Werify (Info Science Labs Corporation). Along with this, Werify claims no responsibility to any of the material content or intellectual property you provide to us as part of our services.


As a user, you are not supposed to duplicate, resell or exploit any portion of our technology and services without our prior permission and consent.

You are prohibited from launching automated methods such as “spiders” or “offline readers” on our website that would extract data contained in our databases beyond the limits of what your subscription permits you.

Without acquiring consent of Werify, you are not permitted to acquire any commercial benefits from the use or distribution of our services or products developed with the help of our API.

We do not support the use of our services which would eventually result in the user breaking the agreement policy that may have been signed prior with a third-party. By accepting our Terms of Use, you agree that you will not breach any kind of agreements, you have with a third-party or enter into one as a result of you agreeing to our Terms of Use. In case, we find such a breach, we reserve the right to suspend your account and permanently prohibit you from using our services in the future.

In exchange of our services, you agree to not use those services in any unlawful manner which might result in you being a subject for investigation. You agree to not break the laws pertaining to a specific nation or any international regulation that governs the use of such services on the concerned platform. This includes, but is not limited to, the unwarranted use of any data that can potentially be subject to GDPR.

Guarantee Disclaimer

We assure that Werify makes honest efforts to update and maintain our services to provide the best user experience possible to our customers. But we do not have control over production, accuracy and security of any third-party service that might be suggested as a come-along with our service. Specifically speaking, Werify does not warrant that the service will meet your immediate expectations, regardless of our sincere efforts to do so. We do not claim that the service will be secure, timely and bug-free. We hereby state that we would work our best towards making our services accurate but we are not legally bound to carry such actions. It rests solely on our understanding of the situation.


By agreeing to this user agreement, you agree to defend and indemnify Werify, its subsidiaries, affiliations and associates from any legal claims, damages, obligations and expenses(including, but not limited to legal expenses) arising from any one or multiple of the below mentioned points:

1. Your use of the service, including any data or content transmitted by you over a channel established using our technologies.

2. You, violating any or multiple terms of our user agreement.

3. You, violating any third –party agreement, privacy rights or Intellectual property rights by any means or resource.

4. You, violating any applicable law or regulation in the concerned geographical area.

5. You, failing to deploy appropriate security measures to prevent any misuse of your platform developed as a result of our API.

Werify reserves the right to modify or change these Terms of Use at any point of time. We suggest our users to constantly check updates regarding a change in our terms and policies. Your continuous use and access to services made available by us resonates you agreeing to our terms and policies. All future services and products that may be launched in accordance with our technology will directly be subject to the content of these Terms of Use. For any queries regarding our Terms of Use, feel free to reach out to us.