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Our email verifiers are one of the most accurate and trustworthy of all in the industry.


Lowest Prices

We guarantee the lowest prices anyone has to offer. Get industry-standard services at record lowest prices.



Bringing to you, in the form of Werify’s email verification services, the most reliable email verifier service.


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How do we do it?

Bringing the best email verification service to you in the industry. Here's how we do it.

Email Deduplication

Removes all the duplicate emails from the clutter saving you a lot of time and operational cost.

Syntax Authentication

Identifies any incorrect email formats and relays a prompt, requesting a validity check.

Spam Removal

Intelligently identifies any emails that could be “fake” per se, saving you from the subsequent dangers.

SMTP Verification

Performs numerous checks to validate the domain of the email account.

Disposable Email check

Constantly checks for temporary emails which may be disabled after a period of time, in your verification list.

Extensive Domain Support

Evaluates authenticity and validity of email from a vast range of domains, saving you future hassle.


Deploys Anti-Greylisting mechanisms to make sure that your emails are not getting delivered to unknowns.

Domain Verification

With the help of DNS entries it verifies incorrect, inactive or in other case misspelled domains.

Quality Analysis

After a set of verification checks, we generate and relay a quality report for your email list.

Our Pricing

Lowest Prices in the industry without ever compromising on Quality.

Verify 10,000 Emails

Email Verifications

Non-Expirable Credits
1 Credit = 1 Verification



Verify 50,000 Emails

Email Verifications

Non-Expirable Credits
1 Credit = 1 Verification


Verify 250,000 Emails

Email Verifications

Non-Expirable Credits
1 Credit = 1 Verification


Verify 1,000,000 Emails

Email Verifications

Non-Expirable Credits
1 Credit = 1 Verification


Verify 5,000,000 Emails

Email Verifications

Non-Expirable Credits
1 Credit = 1 Verification


Verify 10,000,000 Emails

Email Verifications

Non-Expirable Credits
1 Credit = 1 Verification


Payments accepeted:


  • What is Email Verification?

    Email Verification is a service module which checks your mailing lists for any false, unreachable or invalid email addresses. It fine-tunes your mailing list that you can use to then run cold campaigns and other marketing activities. It maximises the efficiency of your sales and advertising teams.

  • Verifying your emails before you actually run your campaigns can save you a lot of resources and money in operational costs. If your list is filled with false or unresponsive emails then you would be wasting your time and money on reaching out to an email that does not exist. If you wish to send emails on mass at any level, be it for marketing or generic newsletters, you should CLEAN your mailing list before you actually start sending campaigns.

  • Our systems follow a hierarchical method to verify emails and clean your mailing lists of unnecessary clutter. Checks include, Duplication, Greylisting, DNS authentication, SMTP verification, to name a few. Once we have done all the checks and verified all the emails in your list, we generate a Quality analysis report, which tells you the overall efficiency of your list and ways how you can improve them.

  • Our engineers have worked nights and days to ensure that our verification is 99.9% accurate. Once we have cleared the list, it will have a near-perfect hit rate and almost zero bounce rate.

  • One of the most important aspects of Werify is that it is a part of an entire suite of IT marketing and campaigning solutions from Info Science Labs. This makes Werify a great tool given the scope of integration and add-ons. Our team can guide you at each step of your journey towards sustained growth by customizing features tailored to your needs.

  • Werify employs a unique pricing policy where you are charged for individual credits which you can use to verify your mailing lists. You do not have to commit to a monthly subscription to use Werify. Only pay for the credits you use. Once you purchase the credits they have lifetime validity. Adopting the “Pay-as-you-go” policy, we are able to provide quality email verification and also keep the prices to a minimum.

  • Along with our stock options, we also provide custom plans to you if you are interested in more than a certain number of verifications in a certain period of time. The availability and pricing of a custom plan depends on the type of mailing lists and the period of time for which the association would thrive. For more details and to get a quote, we encourage you to reach out to us through the Contact section of our website and one of our associates will get in touch with you.

  • We accept all major payment methods. You can pay us through any of your preferred methods. We accept all major Credit and Debit cards. You can also pay us through PayPal and Stripe. We use high standard encryption technology which makes your information completely unextractable and secure while traversing on our network. For all of your purchases, detailed tax invoices would be sent to you on your registered email after you complete your transaction.

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